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Product Name:S-23
CAS NO.:1010396-29-8
Molecular Formula:C18H13ClF4N2O3
Molecular Weight:416.753 g/mol
Appearance:White Powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
What is S23?

S23 or S-23 is a new SARM. which is developed as a possible male hormonal contraceptive. It links to the androgen receptor (AR) more intensely as compared to older medicines such as Andarine.

In animal research, S23 displayed a good ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects as well as dose-dependent restraint of spermatogenesis (the course of sperm cell development) with unprompted recuperation after end of treatment.

As of today, what we know is that S23 is an easy-to-dose oral SARM that can boost lean muscle mass growth while being tissue selective at the same time. Its effects are said to be better than Andarine.
Dosages and Cycles of S 23

Dosages of S-23 can vary, and they will be very dependent on what the goal is. For instance, if a user were looking for muscle building and fat loss, a dose of 15-25 mgs per day would be appropriate. On the other hand, if someone was looking to use it for the contraceptive effects, a higher dose of around 50 mgs per day would be more effective. Nonetheless, this is not recommended because there have not been studies done on humans to replicate the contraceptive effect shown in rats.

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